Sunday, May 4, 2008

May/June newsletter

The May/June issue of GreenDragon Tales is available online in printer-friendly .pdf format.

Plant of the Month Program

From John Gilrein, plant of the month coordinator:

Through our plant of the month program we hope to expand the horizons of our members, as well as provide appealing plants. We like to coordinate the plant of the month with out speaker’s talk when this is possible. When we can’t coordinate the plant of the month with the speaker, like last month when our speaker’s topic was snowdrops, I try to get something else with appeal. If you have any suggestions about future plants of month, let me know: 315-492-0844

Plant of the month will start up again at our September meeting.

Warm April brings a Cool May in the Rock Garden

From member Nari Mistry (May 1):

Saxifraga ‘Allendale’

In March I wondered whether we could have garden visits in April and I was hoping to lure ACNARGS members with some pictures of early blooms in my rock garden. April started out cold and I gave up the idea.  

But then we had those very warm dry sunny days! Plants woke up and many of my little alpines leaped into bloom and were rapidly setting seed, while I worked madly to move and transplant all the mis-sited (non-alpine) plants on my list before they grew too big . Meanwhile, several little draba cushions flowered and faded in a few days.  Pulsatilla haleri bloomed and went to seed.

Now with the rain finally helping the season along, there are more flowers coming every day. So I have revived my hope to invite members to stop by any time and look at what’s showing.
All the Primulas are blooming well of course, starting with P. Juliae species which started in March and ending with the few named specimens.

We have yellow Draba siberica and Potentilla nana blooming with blue-flowered Veronica armena mats in the background, Aubrieta & Arabis blooms in purple, red and pink, and Armeria cushions are poised to be covered completely in pink. Although the double-flowered Sanguinum has come and gone, there are swaths of double white Anemone nemorosa and a few delicate violet colored A. 'Ginny' and a lot of A. blanda still blooming in the shade as well as a Corydalis flexuosa (violet-purple). Also a brilliant yellow Hylomecon japonica.

Please stop by anytime at 1159 Ellis Hollow Rd., Ithaca. The sunny rock garden is in the side yard on the left (East), the shady garden behind the house. Feel free to walk around. If you want to call, it’s 272-7496.

Want to share a ride to Ottawa?

Member Bill Plummer is looking for folks to share the road to the NARGS national conference June 12-15 in Ottawa:
I will be driving to the Ottawa meeting passing through Ithaca on the way.
Would anyone like to drive with me?

There are no single or double dormitory rooms available. However, there is a
2 bedroom suite that goes for $99. Is there someone who would like the second bedroom and share the cost?

Bill Plummer
Painted Post, New York

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wurster work day Saturday

From Carol Eichler:
David and I are planning to work awhile on Saturday May 3 beginning at 10 a.m. provided it isn't raining too badly. The garden needs some attention before it goes into peak bloom. Hope to see some of you there on short notice.