Sunday, January 27, 2008

National NARGS News

From Carol Eichler:

As Chapter Chair, I keep getting reports from Dick Bartlett, President of our parent organization, NARGS National, about the communication problem he has with the Chapters and general membership. Consequently, I’ve decided to take on the role of facilitating this communication by posting regular “National News” articles. Here goes!

NARGS Annual Seed Exchange: Get an early start to the gardening season by starting seeds this winter. This year’s seed exchange includes an impressive 4,570 separate species listings and 34 pages of 2-column print! If you’re a National member, there’s still time to order. The order deadline, now extended one week, is Feb. 20, 2008.

Not a member and want to participate? It’s not too late to join concurrently with your order. The list, instructions, and order form can be accessed at the NARGS website: Only 10% of NARGS members donate seed. You’ll notice some familiar Adirondack Chapter names among them.

Hint: Even though I got the printed copy, I downloaded the lists onto my computer from the website, combined both “collected” and “wild” lists into one Excel document, and began my process of selection from there, where I could easily record notes. When I was ready to commit my first and alternate choices, I merely sorted by the “number” column so that the plants were in sequence and easily copied – by hand - onto my paper order form.

Norman Singer Endowment Fund 2008: Have an idea for a community rock garden or other project? NARGS awards grants through the Singer Fund, in order “to be a resource in support of special, one-time projects that advance the art and science of rock gardening.” Guidelines may be accessed at Applications are due by April 15, 2008 and should be sent to Phyllis Gustafson, 250 Maple St., Central Point, OR 97502 or Grant recipients are notified after the NARGS Annual Meeting in June.

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