Sunday, November 2, 2008

2008 Treasurer's Report

From BZ Marranca, treasurer:

We met or exceeded all of our budgeted projections as far as plant sales went. (See David Mitchell's plant sale report.) We did really well at the Garden Fair this year. We brought in nearly double the amount for which we had budgeted. Dues, however, fell a little short of projection. But we haven't spent as much as projected (yet). I'll have a spreadsheet available later.

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Unknown said...

Since many members renew for the new year between now and Dec. 31, I expect we may make our budget for membership.

Ever since I can remember (I was treasurer for several years before I became Chair), we have run surplus budgets. We have built up a nice reserve - and that's in spite of our efforts to spend more - for stipends to NARGS conferences, subsidies for workshops and Plant-of-the-Month, and free plants as a member appreciation. Can someone figure out how this works?