Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Seed exchange list online

From Grazyna Grauer via Bobby Ward via Carol Eichler. (Whew!)

Note: Deadline for orders is Feb. 11

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my GREAT pleasure to inform you that the Seed Exchange 2008 - 2009 is OPEN and the Seed List is ON - LINE!

Please follow the nifty trail of links to see how it works: http://www.nargs.org/index.html

We owe this intelligent debut to the NARGS Seed Intake Manager, Laura Serowicz and
the Programmer -Par-Excellence (at the same time a NARGS Member in BC), Chris Klapwijk. MARVELOUS job Laura and Chris!

It was a VERY intense week or so for Laura and Chris when they were perfecting the way the Seed List should be offered to our members.

You'll notice, for example, that there are several formats in which the Seed List can be downloaded. Why? It is mostly in deference to many of our members who frequently have outdated operating systems and something like the "pdf" version simply does not work for a number of them.

So why am I so happy about having the Seed List on-line? Here are the reasons: less paper used - fewer trees wasted, future savings on printing and shipping costs, and, finally, fewer complaints from people who got the Seed List late or not at all.

Finally, for you who are concerned about people without computers, Laura is mailing Kinko's printed paper copies to them, and as of today, there were 190 requests for those.

Best regards,

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