Sunday, April 12, 2009

Member volunteers distribute 20,245 seed packets

From Rosemarie Parker

I hope all the members who volunteered for the NARGS Seed Exchange Phase 4 distribution have recovered somewhat from the back pains, nightmares of seed packet mishaps, etc. I nearly have. I just want everyone to know how grateful I am for all the members who showed up to work whenever they could to help with this monumental effort.

We sent out roughly 20,245 packets. That is assuming everyone got exactly the right amount, but I know some got less, a few got more. We filled 331 orders, and sent off remains to 23 chapters, including our own. That is a massive undertaking.

All together, we had 22 volunteers helping with the seed pulling. Marcia Meigs wins the attendance award for having missed only one work session. David Mitchell and BZ Marranca were close seconds! Harold Peachy gets the laid-back-nod for being willing to figure out the most
bizarre and complex order forms with no complaints or snide comments.

We had wonderful snacks and dinners provided by volunteers - Lynn's chocolate peanut butter cookies, Billy Jean's casserole, Carol's pizza, and David's party leftovers come to mind. And every volunteer who wanted to order was able to pick and choose the packets for themselves.

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