Saturday, May 2, 2009

Volunteers needed for new NARGS website and other news from National

The new and improved National NARGS website is expected to go live this month. Organizers are looking for volunteers to help with monitoring discussion forums, posting updates, and providing back-end support and graphic help. To find out more, contact NARGS president Grazyna Grauer

Grazyna, Tony Reznicek and other NARGS leaders are also looking in to forming interest groups around particular genera, types of gardening (such as troughs or woodland gardens) or garden-related pastimes (such as garden photography). If you'd like to read more about this, let me know and I'll email you the background correspondence (

Jane McGary will be retiring as editor of Rock Garden Quarterly next year. Maria Galletti is chairing an editor search committee that is also looking at the "need to redefine our journal for the purpose of being more vital and relative to the membership of the organization." Again, let me know if you'd like to read background correspondence and I'll forward (

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