Sunday, September 27, 2009

Coming This March: NARGS Seed Exchange 2010, Surplus Round

From Rosemarie Parker:

Our chapter has agreed to coordinate the Surplus Seed round of the NARGS Seed Exchange again this year. The process should be less hectic than last year, as more people adjust to the web-only seed list and get their orders in for the first round. BZ Marranca has agreed to be overall coordinator, and we hope to have weekly coordinators as well to share some of the work. For national NARGS members, the incentives include getting “donor status” on the next year’s exchange (10 more packets + priority order filling) and the ability to choose your own surplus seed purchase. The chapter is looking at several incentives for local members who are not national members, so that everyone will want to help. Look for details around February, as the work will take place throughout March. If you have questions or want sign on as one of the weekly coordinators, contact BZ Marranca:

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