Sunday, October 25, 2009

Deer Fortress

From Carol Eichler:

My fall anemones have never looked so great! In spite of the fact that I grow them near the house, the deer are bold enough (as you all know) to enjoy them as a snack just when the plants begin to flower.

This year, after the first early nibbles (earlier would have been better), I hung out a product called Deer Fortress. You'll notice (picture below) I used ski poles located about every 6 to 8 feet because I needed the Deer Fortress's small cylindrical canisters to be located at about flower height.

You can see for yourself that Deer Fortress ended my deer dilemma. The really nice thing about this product - besides its effectiveness - is that they last a whole season. No need to reapply. I use them elsewhere in my garden as well.

Yes, they are available locally or by mail order. This is my second year using them. I'm curious as to whether other members are familiar with this product and if they've had equal success.

Click image for larger view.

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Carol E said...

Actually I used the incorrect name for the product. It is called Deer Fortress. Sorry about that.