Sunday, December 20, 2009

NARGS looking for board nominations

From Alice Nicolson, Potomoc Valley Chapter and Chair, NARGS Nominating Committee 2010.

We're looking for three new Directors of the Board to help support the NARGS Administrative Committee who keeps our society running smoothly, adapting to members' changing needs and goals. Todd Boland, Florene Carney, and Don Dembowski will finish up their three-year terms next year, and we need people to replace them on the nine-person Board.

The job is conducted mostly by email, since most of us can't attend that many national meetings. We are basically asked to contribute our thoughts on the various issues that come up, and to vote on a few matters. Most of you are already contributing your time and ideas to your local chapters, but you may know members who might be interested in doing the same for our umbrella group, NARGS, or you may be interested in such a role for yourself.

Please suggest a couple of people whom you know who might be able to contribute to the continued development of NARGS. Send us their names and email addresses or phone numbers as soon as possible, at least before January 10. Don't worry - they won't be nominated unless they consent! We'll contact possible candidates to ask if they are willing serve, and if so, that they prepare a short gardening bio that can be published in the spring Quarterly. The deadline for that is February 1, so we don't have much time! We'll get going on this sooner next year, I promise.

Send your suggestions to any of the committee members listed below:

VA - Alice Nicolson -
NY - Lola Horwitz -
ONT - Anna Leggatt -
MA - Matt Mattus -
MN - Cheryl Philstrom -
CO - Nicola Ripley -
PA - Joan Schmitt -

With your help, I think we'll come up with another three good people to help keep NARGS running.

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