Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Special newsletter edition: Tufa!

Special tufa edition of the ACNARGS newsletter.

Bill Stark has been experimenting with tufa in his own garden, which led him to research local, inexpensive sources of this ideal rock garden medium. Since his article was so extensive, we've published it as its own special issue of the newsletter. It includes:

  • Building the Rockery 
  • Building the Zen Garden 
  • Building the Tufa 
  • Planting Bed 
  • Future Tufa Gardens 
  • Hunting for Tufa 
  • Buying Tufa 
  • Tufa Pricing


Unknown said...

I'm sorry to have missed Jerry Kral's presentation in November (though I did see his garden in the summer). I also did not see the Delaware Chapter's exhibit at the 2012 Flower Show. Betsy Knapp designed it. I have seen Betsy's tufa displays at the Rochester Flower Show though, which she did on behalf of the Genessee Valley Chapter and with materials (tufa and plants) from Bristol's. Of course this was a temporary rock garden. Essentially she built a good-size mound of tufa (no doubt fill was used too) and planted in the crevices between the stone. It was very attractive. Somewhere I have photos....

Saath Nibhana Saathiya said...
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