Saturday, March 1, 2008

Janis Ruksans bulb order

If you are considering joining the group bulb order from Janis Ruksans' bulb nursery in Latvia, please contact John Gilrein ASAP: or 315-492-0844.

Find details about the group order in the February newsletter or this blog post:

Carol Eichler commented on that post:

Here's a great resource for finding images of bulbs from Ruksans catalog (image pages from the Pacific Bulb Society): You'll still have to do additional homework to figure out hardiness (Ruksans book, a good map, etc.). Then there's trying to determine if our summers work for a particular bulb cultivar considering it may be too wet here. That might be a little hit and miss. Have fun everyone!

You can view Ruksans' catalog here:

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