Sunday, July 13, 2008

Program Thoughts for 2008

From Carol Eichler, chair:

OK members, it’s time to hear from you. What program would you like to see presented in the coming months? What are your burning questions? What are your plant interests? Where do you feel your plant knowledge could be bolstered? If you are a new member or a new-to-rock gardening member what do you most want to learn about?

Alternatively, have you heard a garden presenter that we should try to book? Note that we pay our speakers and cover their travel costs too.

Here are just a few ideas the committee has had so far:
  • A workshop on Photoshop basics – enhancing your photography skills
  • Hands-on recipes and tips for alpine soils (favorite mixes, different mixes for different plant types, troughs versus gardens, local sources of materials, etc
  • Dwarf and miniature conifers for the garden
Please take a moment to contact our new program committee as they begin planning year’s programs. Donna Kraft will be fielding your responses at or 315-696-8626.

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