Sunday, August 31, 2008

Frederick Heutte Rock Garden dedication

From Carol Eichler, chair:

A drizzle of rain didn’t keep over 100 people away from the White Pine Camp Centennial celebration on Saturday, August 10th. The day kicked off with the dedication of the historic rock garden, not quite a 100 years old and nearly lost to obscurity but for the efforts of a determined group of people, spearheaded by Dick and Mary George.

The Green Dragon’s July-August issue chronicled our Chapter’s late contribution to the rock garden – a weekend of planting. When I returned on August 10th to participate in the dedication, I was anxious to see how everything fared. Fortunately, it had been a wet summer assuring the survival of almost everything we set in the ground. A couple choice shots are offered here to illustrate how well the plants have adapted as well as a photo of the ribbon-cutting. The garden herein is known as the Frederick Heutte Rock Garden to honor the man who designed the original garden in so many years ago.

Left to right, Dick George, Carol Eichler, Mary George, and Howard Kirschenbaum. Photo courtesy Ann Mullen.

Planting at Heutte Garden in an old stump.

More plantings at Heutte Garden.

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Anonymous said...

I realize now that both men in the photo are wearing hats. Dick has the "forest ranger" type hat and Howard the baseball cap.