Sunday, August 31, 2008

From the chair

From Carol Eichler, chair.

As much as I hate to see summer end, there are always many things that I anticipate about the fall - cool crisp days, the angle of the sun in the early morning, and the transformation of our landscape from greens to golds, reds, and oranges.

September, too, means the resumption of our speaker programs and, trust, me, there is much to anticipate here this season. Robin Bell has lined up 3 excellent speakers in a row. You can read more about them in this newsletter and at our website. (Another eagerly awaited event is the start of the Kitchen Theatre Company’s new season, but that’s a topic for another time – and yes, a merciless plug for another of my passions.)

It has been a busy summer in the garden and there are still projects on my list that I haven’t gotten to and more busy days ahead – pushing well into November - before I put the garden to bed, if Mother Nature is kind to us. I admit that sometimes for a moment I’m almost relieved when I put my hand tools away for the last time. No more aching back, dirty knees, and calloused hands.

Give me a week and an uncertain restlessness begins to overcome me knowing it will be a long dormant season. Longing to get back to the garden. I’ll try to content myself with the garden catalogs that start to arrive (earlier each year it seems) until at last it’s time to sow seeds from the NARGS seed exchange and, like the seeds themselves, a part of me comes alive and I am again in my element among my friends in the plant world.

Back to the present, I look forward to our September meeting and seeing you all again.

Good gardening,


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