Friday, April 2, 2010

Thanks to 'seed pickers'

From BZ Marranca, treasurer

A special thanks go out to all the members who helped with the Round 2 Seed Exchange this year. We filled 249 orders in 11 days. Thirty one people invested approximately 222 hours in the process. As I write this, I'm still waiting for any orders that were mailed from overseas for the final count. But so far we've picked 16,483 packets and received orders for $4,098. Some of the top workers were Susanne with 26 hours, Marcia with 17, Rosemarie 11, Karen Hansen 8, David Mitchell and Bill Plummer with 6 each and the rest with 5 or less. After will fill the final orders, we'll then spread the rest of the seeds over 33 chapters and pack up the supplies to ship back to various places.

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