Sunday, March 14, 2010

Exotic Plant Order Anyone?

From John Gilrein, Plant of the Month coordinator (

Two years ago a small group of Adirondack Chapter members placed a collective order to Janis Ruksans’ Bulb Nursery in Latvia. Ruksans was a speaker at one of our chapter meetings and is also a well-renown author of a book on bulbs. He has had access for years to areas formerly behind the iron curtain (the USSR) and other areas of Central and Eastern Asia (inaccessible to Americans in the past), and has collected seeds from many exotic areas.

His nursery has available many bulbs available either exclusively from him, or at least not widely available in the trade. Bulbs available vary from $2 Alliums to $80 Trilliums, and from easy to grow bulbs to some requiring very special conditions. The catalog includes a large selection of Alliums, Corydalis, Crocus, Iris, and Tulips.

Is anyone interested in working on a group order to Ruksans’ Nursery? I’m volunteering to help, but not to be in charge of the order.

Mr. Janis Ruksans
Bulb Nursery
LV-4151 Cesis distr.
Telephone: ++371-29-41-84-40, 641-00-326
Fax: ++371-641-64-003
Catalog: US$5.00

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