Saturday, March 13, 2010

'Seed picking' update: We need your help!

From Susanne Lipari:

We have decided to do the seed picking for the NARGS Seed Exchange Part 2 in the basement of KPL (outside BZ’s former office). This allows us to leave everything set up rather than having to move all the trays at the end of the workday when we are exhausted.

To get there, go down the stairs at the end of the central greenhouse isle. At the foot of the stairs, turn right and you will see us.

We really need help from you all. There were 6-7 of us yesterday, and it wouldn’t work well to have too many more at any one time. But it’s pretty hard work, and if people were willing to coordinate with BZ when they want to come in, we could do 2 hour shifts, making it much more tolerable.

We will be working today from 10 AM on until some time in the afternoon. Check with BZ ( for work times tomorrow (Sunday). Next week, we will be working about 5 PM, but people who have been trained can really come in any time to work for some hours during the day.

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