Sunday, March 14, 2010

NARGS Board nominees

From Alice Nicolson, Chair, Nominating Committee (

On behalf of the NARGS Nominating Committee, I present the list of nominees for the three upcoming positions on the Board of Directors for 2010-2013. They will be voted on at the NARGS annual meeting in Colorado in July 2010.

Jane Grushow--Pennsylvania
Philip MacDougall--British Columbia
Anne Spiegel--New York

Brief Biographies:

Jane Grushow has been a member of the Delaware Valley Chapter of NARGS since 1980 and the Mason-Dixon Chapter since its creation in 1999, and she has been chair of both. She has a large garden and grows plants large and small, but dearest to her heart is a small rock garden, tufa, and sand beds. Jane is a retired photographer specializing in garden photography. Now most of her photography is underwater as her new addiction is scuba diving.

Philip MacDougall is an RN working at the BC Cancer Agency. He's also studied plant biochemistry and has a lifelong commitment to gardening. On one-half acre in Surrey, British Columbia, it's always sad to discover a plant has been pushed beyond its climactic tolerances. Program chair and Vice President of the Alpine Garden Society of Vancouver and program chair of the Rhododendron Society of Vancouver, he occasionally lectures on botanizing in many of the
world's diverse habitats.

Anne Spiegel has been a member of NARGS over 25 years and is a charter member and past President of Berkshire Chapter. She's spent many years botanizing in the Northeast, the Rockies, the Southwest, the Northwest, and more recently in the Alps. A dedicated rock gardener, she has spent almost 30 years building a rock garden on a very challenging site. Her plant interests are too numerous to list but any such list would be headed by the "glorious peas" (Fabaceae). She has numerous degrees from the University of Trial and Error and
is the owner of a large plant cemetery.

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