Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hypertufa Grow Stone Workshop April 5

Workshop: Make a Hypertufa Grow Stone
Taught by Art Friedl, Watson Greenhouse
2980 Sentinel Heights Road
LaFayette, NY
Saturday, April 5th
Time: 10:00 – 11:30-ish
Cost: $20 for a medium-sized planter (the Chapter will pay the additional $15 cost per registrant)
Bring: rubber gloves, portable work platform, grubby clothes
To register: sign up at Feb. or March meetings or contact Carol Eichler, 607-387-5823

Participants will create the beginnings of a unique free-form hypertufa planter, "stone" by "stone." Because of the required curing time (ideally 24 hours), Art will get us started and demonstrate the procedure for shaping and carving planting pockets, which each of us will then do on our own time. You must bring a pair of rubber gloves and a sturdy, portable working surface for transporting your planter back home. There's a minimum of t3 and a maximum of 10 registrants. Art says if the weather is good, he'll hold the class outside on his working tables.

If the weather cooperates and anyone is interested, John Gilrein is offering to take us on a hike in this area. Two local spots nearby offer looks at the Hart’s tongue fern (one is Clark Reservation). So bring a bag lunch and prepare for a field trip or to simply take the time the explore Watson’s Greenhouse.

Art wears many hats at Watson Greenhouse - hypertufa expert, classes organizer, sales and marketing coordinator, and more. Additionally, he frequently connects with activities at The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the Men’s Garden Club of Syracuse and other garden-related organizations, and Central New York television. If you have ever been to Watson's Greenhouse, you will surely have noticed and admired his handiwork with hypertufa, using the traditional materials beyond the basic trough. We are fortunate to have Art offer us our own special class.

Visit the website: for directions.

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