Sunday, February 22, 2009

Great deal on Round 2 NARGS seed exchange

As you know, our chapter is running the surplus seed distribution for the NARGS seed exchange. (Contact Rosemarie Parker to find out how you can help.)

This year, NARGS has opened up the surplus distribution to chapter members and is charging only $5 per 20 packets.

February 18, 2009

Dear Chapter Chairs and Newsletter Editors,

The Main Seed Distribution is now over and we are preparing the remaining seed for the Surplus Seed Distribution, which will be handled by the Adirondack Chapter. We have a lot of choice seed left this year (see for the list) and have decided to do two new things to help get the seeds out to our members:

1) We are increasing the number of packets that members can order to 100. So now members can get 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 packets of seed for $5 per 20 packets. That is just $0.25 per packet!

2) We are opening up the Surplus Seed Distribution to all chapter members. If you have chapter members who are NOT NARGS members they can now take advantage of this ONE TIME opportunity to get the same great deal on seeds as NARGS members. We are hoping this will encourage some of your local members to join NARGS once they see the great selection of seeds available.

We are asking that you inform your chapter members as soon as possible of this offer, so that they have time to get the Order form and send in their order (orders must be received by March 20). Especially let any of your members who are seedaholics know about this. We will be asking the chapter members to include the name of their chapter on their order form so that we know they are not just someone who stumbled on the surplus list on the website.;-) They must also use the “official” Surplus Seed Order List which they can get by contacting me at I can also send you the file for the surplus list if you would like to print it out for your interested members.

The Surplus Seed Round will run from March 7-20; after the 20th the seed will be split up among the chapters who request leftover seed. If you would like a share of the leftover seed you must send the Adirondack Chapter a self-addressed shipping label along with a note asking for leftover seed for your chapter. Please send this request to:

Adirondack Chapter-NARGS
c/o Rosemarie Parker
532 Cayuga Heights Rd
Ithaca, NY 14850

You may also want to share some of this leftover seed with a local horticultural organization (botanic garden, university, trade school, Master Gardener program, local nurseries, etc) as a way to build goodwill and as a source of future recruits for NARGS.

Please encourage your members to start collecting seed for next years seed exchange-details on donating will be in the Summer issue of the Rock Garden Quarterly.

Laura Serowicz
NARGS Seed Intake Manager
15411 Woodring
Livonia, MI 48154

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