Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Seeds, Seeds, Seeds

From Rosemarie Parker Seeds, Seeds, Seeds Gardener.Parker@gmail.com

Please help our chapter process the second round of the 2009 NARGS seed exchange. This year, one time only, ALL chapter members are eligible to order seeds in this round, even if you are not a member of national NARGS. This is a great deal, $5 per 20 packets up to 100 packets. If you volunteer to help, you can fill your own order, choosing your own substitutes if your first choice is gone. And the first 20 volunteers can take a free packet to count towards MY order. The very extensive round 2 seed list is posted at www.nargs.org/seed/exchange.html.

Thanks to Susanne Lipari, we will be meeting in a great room (#211) of the Plant Science Building, the same building as the monthly meetings. Parking will not be a problem as all sessions are evenings or weekends. There are jobs for people who need to stay seated, and ones who need to move around. Based on last years statistics, we will need nearly 200 person hours of work, so the more people who volunteer the better. It will be interesting, maybe even fun, and I promise to arrange for munchies every session.

Please let me know if and when you can attend one or more of the workdays listed below (Gardener.Parker@gmail.com or 607-257-4853). Too few or too many people per session are inefficient, so I really need an RSVP at least a few days ahead of each session.


Sat 3-7 12:30-4:30 pm
Sun 3-8 12:30-4:30 pm
Tue 3-10 6:30-9 pm
Th 3-12 6:30-9 pm
Sun 3-15 12:30-4:30 pm
Sat 3-21 9-noon (before rock garden workshop @1pm)
Wed 3-25 6:30-9 pm
Sat 3-28 12:30 (if needed)


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