Saturday, February 7, 2009

Volunteers needed Round Two of seed exchange

From Rosemarie Parker:

Our chapter has committed to do the second round of the 2009 NARGS seed exchange. This mostly means filling orders from the remaining seeds, and mailing them off. Susanne Lipari has found us working areas on Cornell campus, and I'd like to get a tentative list of who is willing to help. It should be interesting, maybe even fun, and I promise to arrange for munchies.

I want to schedule several workdays, most likely in the first three weeks of March. If you volunteer, I'd like to try to meet your preferred schedule as much as possible. So, if you would be willing to come select seeds and stuff envelopes, even for an hour, please let me know. And tell me your preferred work times: weekends (morning, afternoon, evenings?) or weekdays (around lunch, late afternoon, evenings, whatever?). The actual dates and times can't be set until we know when the seeds will arrive!

Send your contact info (e-mail, telephone) and preferred times to or give me a call at 607-257-4853. We'll also have a sign up at our Feb. 21 meeting.

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